The urban millennial niche is diverse and full of cultural nuances that can make it difficult for brands to reach.

We believe that our clients can connect with them by participating in and contributing to the culture in a meaningful way. 

The folks you’re after are far too sophisticated to be pulled in by a celebrity pitchman or shallow hashtag campaign. They want to be considered by the brands that they support. They want to feel like a brand has spoken directly to their values, needs, and tastes. 

ADHD itself is a cultural epicenter. We drive culture as it emerges and as a result, we’ve captured the attention of the niche. In short we speak the language of the urban millennial. Let us help you put your brand or product message in a cultural context that connects. 

We are right now. We are the future. We don’t chase trends. 

Authenticity is law. We are able to produce creative that moves people because we build everything around the truth. 

Convergence: The Urban millennial audience as a force is an amalgamation of cross-cultural cool. We are arbiters of that cool. 

Waves: The urban youth market is a moving target. Our unique footing in the culture means that our clients can ride the crest rather than being lost in the wash. 

Efficacy: We’re here to move the needle for our clients. We produce content to helpbrands connect with the audiences that directly impact their businesses. 


 How We Work

Exhaustive Client Interview: The first priority is understanding what your company objectives are so that we can define success. We produce award winning creative but don't give a fuck about awards. Our only purpose is to help our clients meet their goals. We want to help you introduce a new brand segment, sell more sneakers, drive traffic to your microsite, increase your follower count — we want to move the needle for you.

Target Market Research: What are their wants, needs, and motivations? What music do they care about? Which celebrity do they have as the wallpaper on their phone? iOS or Android? We'll spend time method acting for marketers.

Ideate: Nothing fancy. Just our best minds, coffee, and walls covered in giant post-it notes. The focus is on connecting our client's brand truth with the wants and needs of the customers they are trying to reach.

Create: A seasoned photographer from Harlem or a sixteen-year-old illustrator from Malaysia. We work with the best creatives in the world. ADHD is a hub for young talent. We review portfolios daily, and will assemble the best team to meet your specific objectives.

Test: We want the truth. To find it we could use focus groups or better still we can share the campaign with a segment of your customers to test. In the age of the social web, we don't have to rely on our creative instincts. We can discover instantly what works and what doesn't with enough time to adjust.

Scale: Once we've fine tuned things we can execute a strategic rollout and monitor interactions around the campaign. 



Beyond what my resume and portfolio says about me, this presentation is intended to exhibit my ability to strategize, tell a story, and pitch new business. The idea for the agency arm of ADD was mentioned casually in our first meeting and I understood right away what it could be. This manifesto is my way demonstrating that understanding. I would like to be apart of this endeavor on the ground floor. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Nkrumah Farrar